About Us

Mid Michigan Upholstery & Awning is a company created to offer custom-fabricated furniture of the highest quality and help people create innovative solutions to update and reupholster their existing furniture.  Being a family-owned business, with over 40 years of experience, we achieve the highest quality product at competitive rates.

Mid Michigan Upholstery & Awning was established in 1982 by Rod and Kate McCormick in Alma, Michigan.  While raising a family they established MMU&A in a garage in their backyard.  Little by little Rod grew the business as a one-man show, upholstery became something he was passionate about.  He increasingly taught himself the skills needed to expand and soon launched the awning portion of the business adding it to the upholstery business.

It wasn’t long before they found it impossible to stay in the one-room garage, as word of mouth about the exceptional work customers received increased demand.  It was soon apparent that a bigger facility was necessary and in August of 2005, they found their final resting ground in the town of Alma, Michigan. The building was a 30,000-square-foot facility at 1313 Michigan Ave.  Rod passed on his knowledge of the business to his two sons who came on board and helped grow the business.

As the business grew, the need to add employees was apparent. Over the years, dedicated individuals were given the opportunity to learn and grow with the company, each employee developing special talents that have helped bring the business to where it is today.  Because of the dedication of Rob, his family, and the talented employees, the company name has spread statewide.

From large to small jobs, the professionalism, craftsmanship, and drive of each person employed at Mid Michigan Upholstery & Awning have helped the company become as well-known as it is today.  Rod, the administration, and the staff have set a goal for quality and great customer service.  Rod looks forward each day to coming into work chatting with long-time customers and welcomes those coming in for the first time.  It’s been our pleasure servicing the Mid-Michigan area and would like to say Thank You for giving Rod and his family and staff the opportunity to service your Upholstery and Awning needs.

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