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We do many different types of upholstery commercial, recreational, marine, residential, and whatever specialall 089projects you can think of.  If it is fabric we usually do it.  We don’t usually deal with garments unless it is some type of safety gear.  Tears, rips, cracks, or just plain dry rotted we can probably fix your project.  Speciality covers are popular for your marine or farm equipment.  We have custom fit many of these so if the cover is looking a little old it might be time for a new cover.

Commercial projects are a fairly common for us. Weather it be fordscf0014 your restaurant booth seats to covers for the pads that semi truckers might back up into in your docking bay we have done those as well.  We have several material books with commercial grade materials that can take repeated abuse.  Such as booth seats where people are always getting in and out of them on a regular daily occasion.

Marine projects such as boat seats, covers, or speciality made covers.  These projects happen all the time because animals, weather, or just plain time effects these projects.2010 09 14_0266  Covers start to see dry rot usually around the 15-20 year period.  Sometimes they last less time because they were made from lesser grade materials.  The canvas or vinyls that we use usually have an eight to ten year warranty.  You can use lesser grade materials but we don’t recommend it because you will see us again in a couple years later.  Warranties don’t cover acts of god such as animals, destructive weather, fire, or any other act of god something that can’t be controlled.  In most cases covers come back because of animals especially rodents that can drop from tree limbs.  Land on your cover then eat through your cover.  There isn’t much you canimg_1096do in this type of situation except patch the hole.  Boat interiors like carpet can be redone as well.  This is not a cheap fix because there is so much labor involved with laying carpet down in a boat or pontoon.  If you do good quality work like the images above.  You get quality results from the work that you pay for.


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  1. Hi,

    I have some outdoor furniture that needs new upholstery. Live in the area. I can take some pictures of the items and e-mail to you. Can I do this?

  2. Hi,
    I have some outdoor furniture that needs new upholstery. Live in the area. I can take some pictures of the items and e-mail to you. Can I do this?

    • Yes of course, I will email you so you can respond to that email. Attach some pictures and maybe what you would like to do with your project then we can possibly get you a range. Some outdoor furniture it is just more cost effective to buy new. Yet, others we can save we just have to see what you have.

      Thank you

  3. We have a couple of benches that we started reupholstering and my husband cannot do it his arthritis is too inflamed at this time. We took them downstairs and unscrew the backs we bought the material, and I can either take the material that is on their off or would it be better to just cover it as is? I was hoping to have it done by Easter

    • Sorry we could not help you out before Easter. We always take the old fabric off and put the fresh fabric on the project. This allows you to see the foam and what condition it is in before installing your new fabric plus you can replace the fiberfill that is in the cushion. Some older benches have been so old we have done they used horse hair or straw for cushioning. We of course do not recommend these since technology on cushioning has improved considerably.

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