Robusta heavy duty awnings

Robusta Heavy duty window awnings

scan0119The Robusta heavy duty window awning is one of those awning you just need over your windows.  If you are getting too much light at the beginning or end of the day you simple roll these awnings out.  You can get the electric motor along with all the other goodies.  These are really not made for anything else than cover your windows when you don’t want the sun to come in.  I am going type this brochure out just in case the images are hard to read.


The Robusta can be mounted on the wall or under the soffit.  It opens or closes by a hand crank or motor allowing sun or shade whenever wanted.  During operation, it can be stopped at any point from just open to 160 degrees, virtually closing off the entire window for full sun protection or privacy.


All fittings are made of high quality extruded or die cast aluminum.

Hardware Colors

The hardware including the optional Weather Guard cover is available in white, almond, bronze, sand and black/brown.


Electric Motor: The concealed tubular motor is maintenance free and will extend or retract the awning with a touch of a button.

WeatherGuard Cover:  Made from extruded aluminum protects the awning fabric from snow, wind, and rain when retracted.

Coupled units: Several awnings may be connected together and be operated by a single hand crank or motor.


Available in hundred of beautiful colors and elegant striped patterns, the 100% acrylic weather proof fabrics are resistant to fading and mildew.

  1. Heavy duty construction for larger window applications.
  2. Adjustable from 0 degrees to 160 degrees for complete sun and shade control.
  3. Optional WeatherGuard cover makes installation permanent, no put up and take down expenses and protects the awning from inclement weather during the off-season.
  4. Several awnings may be connected together and be operated simultaneously with gear or motor.
  5. Available in 100+ fabric patterns and colors
  6. The Robusta can be mounted on the wall or soffit.
  7. Comprehensive 5 year warranty on all components.


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  1. I have had work done on three antique rocking chairs. The bottom springs were falling out and the chairs were not useable. Mid-Michigan Upholstery repaired each chair and upholstered them, I must say their work is pure quality. Mid-Mi had so many fabrics, in shop, to choose from. I’m very pleased at the craftsmanship, price, service, and how quickly each job was completed.

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