Recreational Upholstery

Your grown up toys need love to


Motorcycles / ATV

RV / Camper

Golf Carts

Hunting Equipment

Bicycle Seats

These types of upholstery projects are usually rode pretty hard.  They might face some tougher conditions because they face the weather, sun, hard riding, and rough terrain.  Most of these types of projects use marine grade vinyls that are made to handle those types of conditions.  Some of these types of vehicles might face very small spaces to get seats or required parts out of the unit. Recreational02-300x225_f_improf_300x225 In these cases we might have to call a professional to service the item so we can do our part of the project.  This is not that common though however with vehicles getting tighter and tighter it might be something you want to keep in mind if you ever have to use our services.  Tears, rips, and cracks happen so keep that in mind when your purchasing your toys :-)

The pictures top right that is of the Margaritaville themed pontoon we did for a client.  The boat parts were wrapped then we put our reupholstered side panel on.  We do wraps as well but we didn’t do these graphics.  Yet, it shows what we can do in our shop.IMG_0427


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