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The need for digital printed graphics

St-Louis-300x225_f_improf_300x225You have seen them around town, in the big cities, and even off the beaten path.  They are digital printed graphics.  They can be mass produced, look perfect, and even change the face or increase the value of your project.  These types of graphics are usually displaying ads to tell more about your business.  They catch the eye of prospective clients to your business. “Hey I seen your sign.  What do you do here?”  Graphics even display safety information or warnings about potential hazards.  Long term reflective vinyl catch the eye if they have light beaming off them.  There are so many possibilities with vinyl graphics I can’t even begin to describe the possibilities.  Yet, I will try 🙂

Vinyl graphics is a very thin coat of film that is attached to a thin layer of adhesive.  Without getting to technical that is the best way to describe them.  There is two types of this process one is called cast and calendered.

Cast vinyls are usually more expensive however they are very easy to weed the graphic.  Plus, they make it easier to make smaller shapes or letters for your project.


Do you have to laminate your graphics?  Not really most print medias will last a year before you see fading or distortion in the graphic.  If you don’t have to laminate I would suggest not doing so.  Yet, if you plan on the graphic to be stuck more than one year laminate is highly suggested.

11060321_10206683281951033_8823684005962829400_n-225x300_f_improf_225x300Now graphics do have a lifespan to them.  What do I mean by that?  Eventually all vinyl graphics will start to break down or they will become permanent to their surfaces.  What this means is someone might suggest getting a name brand graphic like 3M, Oracal, Avery, and etc.  These are all good companies and we use their products.  Yet, every company has economy vinyls and they also have high end vinyls.  You have to get the right vinyl for your project.  I am basically saying that if you hear something bad about a particular media it is more than likely it was not used in the right application.  Example like a car wrap media needs to have air channels in the back because it is such a large piece of media that is needed that more than likely you will see air bubble.  With air channel release it lets air escape thus making the media lay down smooth and clean.  Now if you were doing a cement wall you would want something with a little more adhesive and can lay down in jagged edges without puncturing.  The right media makes all the difference a train professional will know this.  They will not sell you just economy media for every purpose.  Thus giving you a flat rate price.  Every project has it’s own pricing if the company you are going through does not price it as a special project.  It would be extremely suspicious.  Set up for every customer is different,  materials are different, boards can be different, application are different, and etc.  Internet prices are nice and 10003179_749882301711968_356979995_n-300x225_f_improf_300x225they are always cheap yet if you have to reapply them three or four times for the same thing.  It can get tiresome and costly.  I wish I could just give you a media that would work on everything but I can’t.  It is not how it work.  There are so many different types of media all for so many different applications.  Like floor graphics they are made to be walked on they are not slippery.  Yet, they are not there to last twenty years.  They might get you a few months before a new graphic need to be applied.  Yet, you get a graphic that peels right up.  It does not have to be grinded off or totally stripped off like paint.  With the image made on the computer it can be rendered so you can see exactly what it will look like before it gets applied.  If the old one comes up a replacement is literally a click away.

19819_10206418151242931_8120079221160696911_n-225x300_f_improf_225x300Vinyl graphics are by far cheaper than painting or any form of advertising.  Let say a sign for your building I have done some four foot by eight foot signs that cost around $500 to $1100 dollars.  Now lets say that sign stays up on your building for eight to ten years.  Let’s just say for example you have a sign that is attached to your building for about ten years before you want to change it.  That is 3650 days that the sign is advertising for you.  Just sitting there turning heads.  $1100 is the most expensive sign for the example into 3650 days you get a total of 30 cents a day for advertising.  You can’t pay .30 for a pay per click.  People are driving past your store each and every day seeing your sign for $.30 a day.  It just makes sense to spend the money on your sign.

Car wraps are an even better turn over.  Why? Because these are huge billboards that travel and reach a much larger audience.  They don’t just sit there and you only get Vehicle-graphics-300x202_f_improf_300x202road traffic you get traffic from all the roads you travel.  Let’s say you went the most expensive wrap $10,000 the vehicle has to be taken to the dealership twice for parts to be removed and it has some very complex curves.  I mean weeks are spent on this vehicle.  That is the high end for a wrap.  I don’t want to scare you away just pointing out even at the high end vinyl graphics are worth it.  High end vehicle $10,000 for your
wrap let us say you leave it on the vehicle five years that is the
low end.  I would not leave a wrap on more than 8-10 years 11267678_10206865236539784_634113225031111665_n-169x300_f_improf_169x300because it will become permanent.  Then paint might come off.  Continuing on $10,000 is what you paid for the wrap with five years is what you want to leave it on for.  That is 1,825 days the wrap is on the vehicle for.  Divide that
into $10,000 that is right around $5.48 a day in advertising.  Here is the clincher that average impressions of a vehicle wrap is right around 30,000-70,000 a day (according to ARD Ventures).  Let us say you are in a small town and take the 30,000 put that into the $5.48 a day in advertising the total comes to .00018 I mean WOW!  That is less than a cent for every impression you receive.  It just makes financial sense to do this form of advertising.  I have been pretty straight forward using the largest of the large numbers and the lowest of the low for lowest of low for impressions.  These are not common figures.  They are not even


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  1. Who would I contact to have an estimate done for 2 signs. I can send a rough draft of the sign. This is for Alma House of Prayer in Alma. You have done work for us in the past and we have been very happy with the results.


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