Awning Construction

We build your stationary awnings in our shop

Michigan-Chiro-website-300x185_f_improf_300x185Awning construction of our awnings usually begins with a photograph and ends with a custom build awning for your home or business.

Each and every awning is custom built utilizing aluminum and TIG welding.

Picture to the left is a rendering of what the awning might look like before we make the awning.

The method utilized for each panel is stapling them on.

The advantages of the stapling system far out weigh the conventional sewn or laced systems. This system Michigan-Chiro-finished-300x225_f_improf_300x225along with the modern advances in fabrics have dramatically increased the life of awnings and canopies.
This method keeps, and makes easy additions, removals, and fixes much easier.

Picture to the right is the finished project of the rendering above.

We take careful consideration into the concept that lays behind each and every awning making sure it will stand up to the task of looking good for years to come.

We’ll Make the Concept a Reality!

Staple-in-tubing-small1-300x225_f_improf_300x225The image to the left shows how our staple in system works.  We use Aluminium staple in tubing then put the fabric in the channel of the tubing.  Then the Zip Strip is added afterwards into the channel to keep weather out of the channel.  Thus, preventing dry rot so the canvas will last longer on your awning.  Eventually dry rot will happen (10-15 years if not longer) but it helps to keep the weather out.


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